Dr. Dmitry Shamenkov
“My mission is contributing to a sustainable world of affection, love, trust and mutual frankness. Underlying this world are communities based on common goals and meaningful cooperation enabling each person fulfill their potential and feel integrity and purpose of life - a life filled with happiness, wellbeing, supportive relationships and creative fulfillment”
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Dmitry Shamenkov is a certified doctor of medicine, psychophysiologist, former buddhist monk, author and founder of the Open Dialogue System, happy father of five children.

Dmitry Shamenkov is a certified doctor of medicine, psychophysiologist, mindful health management expert, author and founder of the Open Dialogue System, public figure, entrepreneur and a happy father of five children.

Open Dialogue System
This is an online platform where one can learn and master the principles of Open Dialogue System — a communication method that helps to improve the quality of social relationships, take business and private communications to a new level, pin down your real problems and come up with solutions for them, and achieve your goals
Corporate Training

Open Dialogue can significantly change the quality of professional communications and relationships within a team. It helps creating a transparent and comfortable environment people choose to share on long-term basis. Open Dialogue repairs damages caused by unhealthy communications among colleagues and clients. Work space becomes a welcoming environment one is happy to share with other healthy and mindful individuals.
Dmitry Shamenkov is regularly invited to various events as a headliner, including TEDx, Social Innovations Forum, Synergy Global Forum, etc.
Topics he gives talks on include mindful health management, adapting to change and uncertainty, living organizations, Open Dialogue System as a key to effective company management, etc.
Workshops and Retreats
Group programs on health improvement, harmonious relationships, effective business communications, and self-fulfillment. Workshops are usually Moscow-based, while for retreats we prefer such remote locations as Portugal, Koh Phangan, Bali, Mountain Altay, Baikal Lake where nature contributes to your total restoration.
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